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Execute exactly when you want to

You can now take advantage of price volatility and execute your PPA at the optimal time for you


Access the entire market

Transparency is vital for fair competition: we are not exclusive with any parties and as a result your PPA will be seen by over 30 offtakers


Automate your PPA renewal

Track wholesale price movements to execute when market conditions are favourable with our state-of-the-art software 


Manage all your site data in one place

Easily access all your site information with the Renewable Exchange half-hourly data portal


Honest and reliable market experts

The Renewable Exchange team are experts in the power markets, always ready and willing to answer any questions and make the complex world of power trading simpler


Embedded benefits properly analysed

Make informed choices using a completely independent and thorough analysis of embedded benefits thanks to our powerful AI pricing engine

Our Services

From our innovative PPA marketplace, to REGO trading services, we make sure you get what you need

Use our intuitive PPA Marketplace to connect your energy generating assets with the whole of the market.


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We will analyse your portfolio site by site to help you understand what is best for you. 

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Speak to one of our experts about brokering renewable energy certificates.

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Use our extensive network and experience to find the right contract structure, term and price for your certificates.

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We offer expert guidance and clear insight to allow you to fully understand your assets and maximise your revenue.

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