No more email chains

Our easy PPA tendering system lets you create a tender in minutes

Offtakers can submit their bids instantly and you’ll see all offers clearly in a tender results page. The entire process can be simply managed through the platform and run at a time convenient for you. The tender dashboard lets you easily understand your options and choose confidently.


A truly competitive process

Show your site to the entire market, not just the select few you or your PPA broker use

Access over 30 offtakers and show your site to the entire market. The blind auction process ensures that the bids are most competitive and reflective of power market movements.


Quick and easy comparison

No more confusion over embedded benefits and seasonal pricing structures

Our smart pricing tools and tender analytics let you view all the bids in a like-for-like comparison. You can now be sure that you’re choosing the best offer, with no hidden charges or reduced benefit payments.


All your sites on one dashboard

Managing multiple PPAs and assets is now easy and efficient

The Renewable Exchange dashboard lets you track the power market and respond to market changes. It gives you a clear view of your assets, lets you set up reminders and trigger price alerts. It’s a simple and effective way to manage your PPAs.