Sit back and relax with Automated Tendering

No more repetitive email chains

Tender your assets in minutes, increase operational efficiency and optimise your PPA renewal. Offtakers can bid instantly; there is no need to wait days or weeks before you can get your results.


Run a competitive process with over 30 offtakers

Show your site to the entire market, not just the select few you or your PPA broker use

The best price in the market is shifting all the time. Maintaining relationships with new and existing offtakers is time-consuming. With Renewable Exchange you can be sure that you have access to all the offtakers at the touch of a button.


Compare offers quickly and easily

No more confusion over embedded benefits and seasonal pricing structures

It can be difficult to know if you're getting the best deal. The Renewable Exchange smart pricing tool means you can compare all offtaker contracts using the same transparent methodology.


Manage all your sites from one dashboard

No more chasing information from each of your offtakers

The Renewable Exchange dashboard lets you track the power market and automatically tender when prices spike, to lock-in at the best price.