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Grow your network and get more offers

Instead of spending hours managing your PPA network, only to miss the best deal

Staying connected to even a small network of offtakers can be time consuming. Especially if you're collecting and comparing bids in different formats. Instead of spending time managing your network, with the Renewable Exchange you can instantly get access to over 30 PPA offtakers and the best deals on the market.

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Get the best price for your energy

Instead of missing out because you only tender on your renewal date

It can be difficult to know when to execute your PPA to secure the best price. And managing lots of time consuming tenders is not an efficient way to work. With Renewable Exchange you can track the power market and automatically execute when prices spike to lock in at the best price.

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Take control of your data management

Instead of doing time consuming tasks because your half hourly data is held by your supplier

Managing your half hourly data across multiple PPA offtakers can be time consumining. With Renewable Exchange's half hourly data store, you can get an independent view and validation of your generation volumes. These are compatible with all PPA offtakers and always accessible by you.

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Save time & understand your PPA quotes

Instead of trying to understand and compare multiple confusing quotes

PPAs can often be presented in different formats. And contracts are usually not easy to compare. With our smart pricing engine you can compare PPA quotes with like-for-like figures and view legal contract summaries that make quote comparison easy to make sure you get the best deal.

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