PPA offtakers
ready to bid for your energy.
renewable generators
maximising the value of their PPAs through the platform.
4,800 MW
installed capacity
using our market insight and tracking tools.

Get more competitive prices

30+ offtakers can bid for your power in a blind auction

Staying connected to even a small network of offtakers can be time consuming. With Renewable Exchange you can instantly get access to over 30 PPA offtakers. Blind auction tendering ensures you receive the most competitive bids, as offtakers want to win your business and can’t see how high the other bids are.

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Easily understand the market

Track your PPA forecast and tender at the right time

It can be difficult to know when to execute your PPA to secure the best price. Our smart analytics let you see the projected PPA price for your asset in real time and track the power market. With the trigger price alerts you’ll know when prices spike and can lock in at the best price. There are no restrictions on when you can create a tender: respond to market changes in real time and create your next tender in just a few clicks.

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Compare results & pick the winner

See all bids like-for-like and quickly understand your options

PPAs can often be presented in different formats and that makes them difficult to compare. With our smart pricing engine you can compare PPA quotes like-for-like to make sure you get the best deal. You can select the winner based on what’s important to you and secure the price with one click using Lightning PPA.

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Take control of your data

Instead of trying to understand and compare multiple confusing quotes

Managing your half-hourly data can be time consuming. Renewable Exchange can obtain your half-hourly data and validate your generation volumes. The information is always accessible by you and compatible with all PPA offtakers to help you get the most accurate pricing.

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